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  • I like how the editing app works and it's simple to use. I also use it to edit out moments like being in the bathroom or locker at the gym.

    When editing like cut and delete from timeline as one scroll to left or right, the sensitivity it too high because I had it at the right spot but every time I lift my finger, the frames would move left or right and it's super frustrating not able to cut at the right frame. In one of the YouTube vids, I saw one guy selecting and deselecting frames to be included or excluded.

    Stock music would be great to add to the vids or story mode if possible. Keep up the good work!

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    @evibing Thanks for the Feedback! You can use two fingers to zoom in/out on the timeline to display more/less frames. Pinching to zoom in will show more frames and make scrolling less sensitive.


  • @frontrowjoe Wow, that's great to know! Yes, that would make it much more easier to edit/cut the frames. Thanks!

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