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    FrontRow has three capture modes: Story, Live, and Camera.

    Story is a unique capture mode that allows user to capture full experiences in a brand new way. Story Mode is very different from a regular time lapse because it has been optimized for the first person perspective. Story mode utilizes a dynamic capture setting which uses data from the camera’s motion sensors to get the best frame while you’re on the move. This setting effectively adapts to different activities even within the same Story to give the best output for the user.

    0_1502828315446_FR Story view.JPG

    To begin a Story, double click the media button or select the Story icon from the app tray, then press the record button to begin capturing.

    For up to 10 hours, Story mode will capture experiences for you, letting you stay fully in the moment.

    To pause the Story, double click the media button or press the pause button on the display.

    To end a Story, press the pause button and then the stop button and the story will generate, compiling all of the images into a video file ready for sharing with little to no editing.

    You can also take videos and photos while capturing a story.

    FrontRow supports live streaming to your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

    0_1502828418019_FR Live view.JPG

    To Go Live, first link FrontRow with your social accounts. Select your desired streaming platform on your FrontRow, navigate to the url listed in a browser, and enter the code provided in. You can also link your social accounts via the FrontRow App.

    Add a description, choose your audience, Go Live, and interact with comments and likes from your friends.

    To end your stream, press the stop button. The stream will be saved to your social profile, and a link to the video will appear in the gallery of the FrontRow App.

    Photos and videos can be taken quickly by using the Media Button located above the Power Button. One press for a photo, press and hold to begin recording video, or… to use the screen as a viewfinder, simply swipe from right to left to access the Camera from the home screen.

    0_1502828511291_FR Camera view.JPG

    To start and stop a recording, press the record button in the middle…. And for photos, press the photo capture button on the right.

    On the left is a shortcut to the Gallery to view recently captured content.

    To access the reverse camera for a selfie, press the camera toggle button at the top of the screen.

    To see the full field of view of your FrontRow, and make sure no fingers are in frame, double tap of the screen. Double tap again to return to the standard view.

  • @frontrowjoe said in FrontRow Capture Modes:
    Can I stream more in more than one channel (FB live / Youtube live) at the same time?

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    @pablomadridra FrontRow supports Live Streaming to each platform separately. You would not be able to Stream to FB Live and YouTube Live at the same time.

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    @pablomadridra Why you need this feature ?
    Do you often do that - stream in multiple channels ( FB/Youtube/Periscope ) ?
    We try to do that , but the latency will worse , may need more 1-3 secs .

  • Is it possible to have the camera switch automatically? Or be able to have a function to turn this on? This would require it to have a gyroscope in the unit though.

  • @dswihart can it switch upside down?

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