Functions of the Media Button

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    The Media Button is the best way to quickly capture content with your FrontRow.

    Located above the power button, the media button can be pressed at any time to take a photo, begin recording video, and start/pause a Story.

    0_1502828970125_Media Button tips.JPG

    Media Button Guide:

    • One press = Take a photo

    • Press and hold = Start/Stop video recording

    • Double press = Start/Pause Story capture

  • Really like the functionality of the Media button. Can we have a mode where after pressing the Media button the back screen doesn't turn on? Even when triggering using the app, the back screen turns on. I would think each time the screen turns on it drains the battery and the new off screen mode would save battery life. Thanks.

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    @evibing Great suggestion! Always looking to maximize battery life. We will take a look at adding this feature.

  • Agreed, the screen definitely spends too much time on and vaporizes the battery.

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