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  • Is it possible to see additional applications in the future? notifications from the phone, read tweets or facebook.... it will be great!!! make it more smart)))

  • Thanks for the suggestion Dave. We've got quite a few features in the pipeline. You'll probably start seeing some of them soon. :)

  • Unless it can replace my phone (unlikely), I would still only use it for what my phone couldn't do. But I can see notifications/alarm could be helpful for some people, especially ladies who might put their phone in a handbag (assuming they don't have a smart watch).

    If it has cellular connection, it might replace my phone in some cases, and sits somewhere between a smart watch and a smart phone (bigger than a smart watch, but less easier to carry).

  • @jjsantucci Thanks for answer!
    And it would be awsome if you could use a map when taking a photo trip ;). The Google app is appropriate)))

  • I would like an optional backup program other than Dropbox.
    AutoSaving to my NAS by Synology would be great!

  • @goconfigure Yeah, I had exactly the same request too.

  • Just look at those smart watches from big brands like Apple and Samsung, and you will see that the problem with smart watches isn't too few apps, but too many apps.

    Sometimes "more is less". Posting a one-hour video on Twitter may be a lot less attractive than a 1-minute one. Handing out a 10-page resume may get people bored to death. Writing a 100 page article (which could be done in 5 pages) is almost like a "crime" to readers.

    Consumers are not very sophisticated. They need others to select and highlight the important stuff for them, not get buried in tons of features, apps and possibilities. If some of them really need some special features, either allow them to customize on their own, or give out different editions/versions with different pre-set apps/configurations. (But sometimes even let people get aware of some special feature is a distraction by itself)

    Sure, people can say smart phones have many apps too, but they forgot phone is much bigger, so much easier to scroll though these apps. Also many of the smartwatch apps are not as useful. I hope FrontRow doesn't make the same mistake.

  • @goconfigure
    I suggest ability to save to One Drive and Box also

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