Downloading and Sharing Content

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    There are a few ways to transfer files from your FrontRow to your phone or computer.

    Transfer via FrontRow App
    With your FrontRow and phone on the same Wi-Fi network, or connected with Bluetooth:

    • Select a photo, video, or Story from the Gallery in the FrontRow App

    • Press the download icon at the bottom of the screen

    • Your content will then download and saved to your phone's camera roll

    • You can now share downloaded content directly from the FrontRow App to your favorite social platforms.


    Transfer via Transfer Mode
    When your FrontRow and App are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can still download content when connected via Bluetooth. Transferring content over Bluetooth does have limitations, as you will only be able to transfer files smaller than 100MB. To transfer larger video and Story files, we recommend using Transfer Mode.

    Transfer mode enables you to connect to your FrontRow directly over Wi-Fi.

    • In the FrontRow App, select the Connection icon in the top left corner of the screen

    • Select Transfer Mode from the network list

    • When ready, press the Connect Now button at the bottom of the screen to navigate to your Phone's Wi-Fi settings

    • Select your FrontRow from the list of networks, and enter the simple password provided


    You now have a direct connection to your FrontRow and can transfer large files very quickly to then edit and share via the FrontRow App.

    Transfer via USB
    Connect your FrontRow to your computer using the USB cable provided to access all of the content in your Gallery.

    • Note that Mac OSX restricts the size of files transferred via USB to a maximum of 4GB

    0_1502825078316_USB Connect.jpg

    Backup Files via Dropbox
    FrontRow features the ability to automatically backup your Gallery content when connected to Wi-Fi and charging. You can choose to backup all of your Gallery, or just Favorited content.

    To link your Dropbox account:

    • In the FrontRow App, navigate to the Settings Menu and select Storage

    • Under the Backup section, select Dropbox. This will open a browser to login to your Dropbox account and allow access to FrontRow


    Once your Dropbox account is linked, your FrontRow will backup your content when it is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

  • I really want to see 'backup' work with Google Drive/Photos. I have an iPhone 8+ which is not 4K compatible, but I'd like to back them up just like taking pictures on my android devices as well as iPhone.

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    Google Photos didn't open API , we working on Google driver, may release this feature this month.

  • I wish we had the ability to chose which storage location to download too. I have the Front Row app on a tablet but I can't download my photos because the internal storage isn't big enough but my micro sd card is 128gb.

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