Standby battery life

  • I just got my FrontRow camera yesterday, and it is great!

    But, I fully charged it last night at 10pm, and when I got up at 6am, it only had 11% battery left. How do I make sure it is in standyby mode to preserve the battery?

  • Standby time should be 2days+ and we are constantly working to improve...did you download latest firmware update?

  • Yes, it updated immediately when I first powered it up and paired it.

    Do I have to do anything special to put it in standby, or is that the default when it sleeps and is not recording?

  • @crgrissom 0_1504791980727_frontrowsleep.PNG

    Pressing the power button should put it to 'sleep' and bring it out of 'sleep'.

    I think I'd use the shutdown/power off feature after charging, if I wasn't going to use the FrontRow straight away, for longest battery life.

  • I think I will generally power it off when not planning to use it right away, that's a good idea.

    But, sleep mode is also an automatic option, correct? I mean, when the camera "auto-sleeps", is that the same as putting it in sleep mode manually with the power button?

  • you shouldn't have to power it off to get good standby power...someone here will work with you on figuring out the culprit and fixing

  • @crgrissom I would think AutoSleep and Sleep via the power button would be the same thing.

    Maybe you accidentally put the FRC into story mode, or streaming mode.

    Do you have any video clips on the device?

    Hmmm, 10PM to 6AM is eight hours. Story mode should run ~9 hours in between charges. You had 11% or 1/9th left...I'd look for a boring overnight story on the device.

  • I think there's a power drain somewhere... I charged my FR to 100% and turned it off and this morning when I turned it back on it's at 98%. The power shouldn't have dropped when it's turned off.

  • @evibing Some amount of self discharge is normal for all battery chemistries.

    2% seems to be within the norm.

  • So, an update.

    I thought immediately that perhaps it had been recording, but there was no moment recorded, so that's why I posted.

    But, I did force it to reboot this morning, and it has been in story mode most of today (6+ hours so far) and it is still at 60%.

    So, I'm thinking maybe it was an Android rogue process issue. I know my IOS devices can do this once in a while, where a reboot is the only thing that can stop a rogue process.

    So, everything seems well now, but I'll keep testing it.

  • administrators

    Hi @crgrissom , help to feedback on device end .

    we will track this issue , thanks .

  • I did exactly the same thing last night, charged it fully by 10pm, disconnected it from USB and left it on the desk.

    At 6am this morning, it was down to 18%. I checked to make sure no recording was made (gallery is empty.)

    So, there must be some setting that I am missing.

    It ran all day yesterday in story mode, and after 10 hours (with a few pauses) it still had 40%.

    To add more info, I did connect it to my iPhone using the FrontRow app, and downloaded the story video, and then cleared all moments out of the camera gallery. Then I just left it. Is there some process running as a result of the phone connection?

    What should I look for?

  • administrators

    @crgrissom as @vincent.frontrow mentioned, please help us track this issue by selecting Feedback from the Settings Menu on your FrontRow. Enter a brief note (e.g. Battery Drain) and select Commit (with your FrontRow connected to Wi-Fi of course).

    This will help us investigate the source of the battery drain you are experiencing. Thanks!


  • Done! Sent feedback. Does that give a log of some sort that you guys can analyze?

  • administrators

    @crgrissom that's correct

  • @crgrissom Could you feedback from iOS client app?
    I just go through your FROS app log, looks like iOS client app keep connection with FrontRow which drain battery very fast.
    We are not able to reproduce this issue, so more information from you is really appreciate.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Yes, it seems that was the case. I did not connect it last night, and fully charged it again and have 93% battery this morning.

    Where do I find the app logs for the IOS app?

  • OK, I found it, and I sent feedback from the iOS app.

    Also, I found that manually disconnecting the FrontRow camera eliminates the issue of battery drain.

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