Clothing Magnet (ie: BodyCam)

  • Why is there no option for a clothing magnet like many police body camera have? I don't want a necklace, but I would love to be able to attach this the chest of my shirt.

  • administrators

    @mrdevanwright We opted to go with the lanyard approach because of the display on the rear of the camera. Most other camera that would fall into the bodycam category do not have a screen, and thus use a magnet to secure the rear of the camera to clothing.

    Interacting with the display and interface of FrontRow would be difficult using a magnet mounting solution.

    If you don't want a necklace, included with FrontRow is a clip mount that can be used to secure the camera to the neck of a t-shirt or pocket.

    Thank you for the feedback. We want to explore more mounting solutions moving forward sand we will keep your suggestion in mind!

  • @frontrowjoe I am wondering if someone can put a small metal plate under the shirt, and use metal clip of FrontRow on the outside?

    See 1:36" in this video:

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