First impressions and suggestions

  • Having been burned previously by the utterly useless Narrative Clip2, which ended in the trash can after one use, I was blown away by the FR. The design, features, quality of pictures/videos (daylight) and ease of saving or uploading is IMO outstanding.
    After a week of use I found various issues which I think can lead to annoyances in the future if not addressed and also some dysfunctional operations.

    1. I found the lanyard absolute useless, since all my shots ended up with far too much sky. This has been already complaint about by other users. Presently only the use of the clip delivers more or less straight shots. Would like to see an adapter or software feature, which allows for camera angle adjustment when using the lanyard but also the clip.

    2. In the FR settings menu, there is no "back" button to go back to the previous screen, I always end up at the home screen unless I missed something. Every time I have to work my way back into the menu.

    3. I am missing the information near the story slider with regard to the frequency of photo taking instead of total available recording time in story mode. In certain situations one wants to capture for example an action scene more often than while walking along a stretch of a featureless landscape. I read somewhere here that adjusting the slider to the very left results in an image being taken every 5-7 seconds while at the very right end the interval is a about an image every 30-35 second. It would be nice to see the interval displayed when adjusting the slider.

    4. There is plenty of information here of how to start and pause a story but not how to stop it. Although quite tech savvy I only found out by fiddling with the device that you actually have to click the "red square button", while the "start" button is "white". Going by all my other devices I own, "red" always indicates to start a recording. Maybe this could be changed to "red" for "start" and "white" (or any other colour or symbol) for "stop" recording.

    5. Due to lack of a detailed user manual, one has to read here through hundreds of posts before one gets a better understanding of all the features and functions. The FR out of the box is not a plug and play device in my opinion, since too much time needs to be spend on reading the forum and watching videos, some which are already obsolete.

    6. Being an Android user I tried to use the scissor in the story editing mode. However, once clicked on the scissor the timeline did not change to a horizontal line (referring to the tutorial video), but remained vertical. I was unable to use two fingers for zooming/pinching and was further unable to delete or save certain frames. The scissor simply did not work for me. However, going onwards to the next screen I was able to change the aspect ratio, change the speed and save it to my phone.
      I have sent already a bug report to the help desk.

    7. Once I have sent a question to help desk I get almost an instant reply by a real person that they are going to look into the issue, but that's about it. Some of my emails are almost a week old and so far I have not received anything.
      Judging by the case numbers which are now in the 52000 I must assume that those wonderful guys must be overwhelmed with inquiries. Especially since more people are buying the FR. With a proper and detailed online user manual, the situation may be somehow improved.

  • administrators

    Thanks for your feedback .

    1. Being an Android user I tried to use the scissor in the story editing mode .

      iOS support scissor but Android app still not support ,

      we working on this , may be release at the end of Sep .

    2. Some of my emails are almost a week old and so far I have not received anything

      Sorry about that , we will improve the work-flow.

  • @vincent-frontrow
    Dear Vincent,

    many thanks for clarifying the scissor issue.
    IMHO the non-functionality of the scissor for Android phones should have been made public. I have spent again numerous hours reading through all posts and wasted even more time trying to solve the problem.

    Proper publications, forum posting or even addressing the issues in the newsletter could have prevented users spending unnecessary time solving an already known issue.

    I must say again that lack of a detailed online manual makes the usage of the FR quite a frustrating experience. I further believe that many potential buyers will be tuned off by such a negative experience. Personally I am not prepared to undergo a deep dive study of an expensive product I bought and expect the item to be ready for use without going through a steep learning curve.

  • administrators


    Yes, will do . thanks

  • @vincent-frontrow I suggest next version of user manual has a highlighted link to this forum or a link to web site with all kinds of tutorial videos. It is nice to see that some tutorial videos are already put on the top of this forum. But it may be worth to highlight it even more. Maybe a pinned link at the very top of this forum home page for all tutorial videos?

    I actually think this should be the "tradition" of all businesses in the future. User manuals might only be good for some old people who are computer-illiterate. They should be replaced by online videos and online manual/instructions.

  • What do you think is ideal downtilt for lens with lanyard use.. 5deg? 10 deg?

    Thanks for the detailed feedback!

  • Re: Suggestion #2 - It's not immediately clear, but you are able to swipe left to return to the settings screen you were just on.

  • @dajian888
    Isn't an online manual/instructions akin to a user manual? But, yes, if there is a on-click solution to connect to tutorial videos and instructions the better for the novice user. Provided it's being updated in relation to the newest phone app and FROS firmware.
    And by the way do not assume that some old people are computer illiterate. I belong to the group of what you call "older" people who started with PC and DOS computer language, when you were probably playing with your LEGO bricks. So please, do not offend the group of elderly people who may have more knowledge about computers etc. than you think.

  • @klausadrift I never meant to say you are old or compute-illiterate. In fact, anyone who uses FrontRow is very unlikely to fall into that category. That is why I said user manual is not needed for FrontRow, and it actually didn't have a real user manual anyways.

    My comments are general statements. If you read my other comments, you will see a lot of these general statements that are not directly related to a specific problem. Sorry about the confusion, no offense intended.

  • @robert-pera
    Hi Robert,
    I would say it all depends on your shape of your body and the clothing you are wearing (for example bulky outdoor jackets would require to tilt the camera even further downwards).
    What I have in mind is an adopter adjustable to your needs. A simple solution would be a a double-sided clip with the outer clip ring hinged at the bottom of the inner clip.
    To wear it you have to turn the FR upside down (no problem because the image/video alignment will not be effected) and attach the outer clip to your clothing. Then tilt the camera downwards and away from the inner clip.
    I am working presently on a solution similar to the double magnetic mounting pad I am using for my gopro. With one magnetic pad worn underneath your T-shirt or jacket and the other pad over the clothing you can place the FR anywhere on your body.

  • @dajian888
    Hi dajian888. No worries. No offence taken at all but nowadays one has to be careful categorising certain people, as someone may get it wrong in his/her head.
    Anyway, I have enjoyed all your valuable comments in this forum and can only say: keep up the good work and support you are giving us.

  • @jaydonigian
    Hi Jay, thanks very much for a solution to my problem. I have tried the left swiping before without success and can only blame it on my own clumsiness. However, after your comment I tried again and it worked liked a charm. Thanks a lot, mate.

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