Update: Firmware v1.4.308

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    Today we are releasing FrontRow Firmware Version 1.4.308. With this release comes two new features along with bug fixes and optimizations.


    Translator App
    The addition of the Translator App makes FrontRow the perfect travel companion. Simply select the language to translate from and language to translate to, then press the microphone button to record the phrase you need translated. Languages supported in the Translator App include English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish. (Requires Internet connection)


    Stopwatch App
    The Stopwatch App provides just that, a stopwatch. Use the Media Button to start/stop the clock and use the Lap button to record lap times. Also included with the Stopwatch App is a timer.



    Optimize Live Stream for poor network connection
    Improved Boot Animation
    Bug fixes, performance improvements, and camera tuning

    To update your FrontRow’s Firmware, navigate to Settings > Update.

  • I really like the translator feature. But I hope it can use the media button (physical button) to do it.

    When it is put on lanyard, it is hard to operate the device on the LCD screen. Also, I could do the same thing on my smart phone, so the only reason to use FrontRow to do it is because it provides fast access (which is a big deal!).

    So here is the work flow I am thinking:

    1. Start translator app either on FrontRow device or through FrontRow mobile app.
    2. Once started, the FrontRow stays in the mode, physical button (media button) now turns into start/stop recording voice (not start/stop video/photo).
    3. After stop recording, it plays translation back after 1 second delay.

    With this workflow, I think it will be much easier to use than a mobile phone app!

  • Knocked it out of the park with this one! Translator app is incredible! I lived in Japan for 7 years and speak it- it's spot on! Fantastic surprise update!

  • @dajian888 I like this idea, perhaps we make it a toggle-able option in the translator app. Not everyone is going to want to override their media button functionality.

  • @jaydonigian That sounds good. I hope that option-toggle is easily visible so people knows there is such an option :)

  • @jaydonigian BTW, chances are there is a conversation going on, so instead of just English to Chinese, I would also need Chinese to English to translate the other person's voice back to my own language?

    So maybe single-click on physical button to start/stop one direction translation, and double-click to start/stop the translation in the other direction?

    Verbal language is one of the fastest ways for communication. That is why fast access is so important. Any delay to slow down the conversation will make the experience almost unbearable.

  • @jaydonigian Actually, it might be better if the app can detect the language automatically and decide if it should do the reverse-translation or not. However, if there is background noise or two people talking at the same time, it could be troublesome.

  • Any chance of downloading two languages of your choice for off-line translation? Of course provided only if the internal memory is not drastically compromised.

    To have the FR instantly available for a quick translation is fantastic, but who keeps it always connected to the phone and risks an undesired battery drain?

  • Pretty awesome update. When can we have Instagram live streaming?

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    Thanks @miffdove! We don't have a date on Instagram Live. We are waiting for them to make their API available. We are in touch with them and they know we are eager to have an Instagram App for FrontRow.

  • @frontrowjoe Thanks for the quick reply. Love the camera!

  • @dajian888 said in Firmware Update v1.4.308:

    @jaydonigian BTW, chances are there is a conversation going on, so instead of just English to Chinese, I would also need Chinese to English to translate the other person's voice back to my own language?

    @dajian888 You can click the icon in between the languages and it will reverse the translation.

  • Hello! I took my FrontRow to China and used it all the time for fun and to protect myself and my family when things did not exactly go as planned. I actually bought it to serve as a bodycam.
    There is one MAJOR issue with the devise, if you have any type of a belly the camera gets lots of sky and no ground. Are you folks working on a way to raise or lower how the camera points? Is this possible to do in the software? Thanks

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