One obvious translation error in translator app

  • When I use translator app to translate Chinese to English, there is an obvious error. When I say "有没有出租车“,it recognizes my voice correctly, but the translation became "there is no taxi". It should be "is there a taxi?".

  • BTW, I found the same error in Google Translate Mobile App.

  • Just tested it, it seems that its voice recognition accuracy reduces a lot if I am not speaking directly towards it. Where is the microphone located on the device?

  • Hi dajian888, thanks for your feedback.
    The microphone is here.

  • @cinnyang I tried Google translate web service and it has the same error too. I guess you guys used Google Translate API or some other Translate API. So this might be hard to fix from your side, although you might notify Google to fix it.

    Anyways, if it is not fixable, please just close it.

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