Translator update

  • No matter what I try I get a network error when attempting to use the translator even when connected to strong Wi-Fi

  • @edeh9000 Sometimes the network error isn't really a network error. If the voice volume is too low, or it couldn't understand the sentence, it would show up as a network error. So I suspect it is because the backend uses some cloud service for translate the voice to text and didn't parse the error correctly?

  • Can this Wi-Fi connect to any Live App?
    You can reopen Translator to retry.

  • @roman-lao yes, I confirmed connectivity to all streams and they work.

  • Thanks for your feedback.
    I am trying to find out this problem.

  • I think the theory about the audio input into the front row camera being too low is correct. If I speak clearly and loudly it seems to be working now. This is an incredible addition to this device by the way! Bravo! 👏

  • @edeh9000 At the beginning, I was very excited to see this translator app, but now I see the microphone is at the bottom of device, and it needs clear voice to do good voice-to-text, so it is hard to use with just the physical button.

    Ideally, we want to use physical button to control (because otherwise I don't see why I shouldn't use smart phone to do translation instead). However, even if physical button is enabled later, mic is still too weak to get voice clearly.

    A lot of things are in the details...

  • In normal use case especially lanyard mode, error rate of translator APP should be acceptable. As to "do good voice-to-text", phased in 2 microphone listening algorithm last Friday to achieve it. Please wait for OTA FW>1.4.308. Try our best to satisfy and meet your UX @dajian888

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