Lost story

  • I have recorded several day-long stories on my vacation, and I'm very pleased with how it all works.

    But, I had a 12+ hour story today that somehow only compiled to 14 seconds, just the beginning few frames, and lost the rest.

    Is there any way to recover that data after the story has generated?

    I sent feedback via the device and my iPhone app.

    Please let me know if I may have done something wrong in the process.

    I did Stop the story from the iPhone app, but then the device said Generating Story as before, but the result was truncated.

  • hi, @crgrissom
    I went through logs in your feedback, it's known issue. We have fixed it and just release in v1.4.308, please update.
    And I am very very sorry that, it's not recoverable, this issue happens when story recording, the content is not recorded or saved.

  • @frank-fan Thanks for the quick reply. It's a great product and I appreciate that you guys are on top of things with software updates!

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