Update: Firmware v1.4.318, FROS v1.7.6.3

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    We are working hard to incorporate feedback from the Community to continue to improve the FrontRow experience, and today we are releasing Firmware v1.4.318 and FROS v1.7.6.3.


    Spotify App
    Sync your Spotify Account to access all of your favorite playlists and songs on your FrontRow. Stream music by connecting to headphones or a speaker via Bluetooth. The Spotify App makes FrontRow a great accessory for a workout at the gym or a study session at the library, allowing you to leave your bulky and distracting phone at home.


    RTMP Live Streaming
    Use the FrontRow App for iOS to enter the Server URL and Stream Key for custom live streaming.


    4K Video Recording Beta (OIS Only)
    FrontRow now supports 4K video recording in a 4:3 aspect ratio. When recording in 4K, only OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) will be enabled.

    Bluetooth Options
    Pair FrontRow to Bluetooth headphones or speakers for audio playback by navigating to Settings>System>Bluetooth.

    Dropbox Authorization
    You can now authorize automatic Dropbox backup from your FrontRow. Navigate to Settings>System>Dropbox Backup to enable.


    Camera Tuning
    2K Video noise/sharpness tuning
    Boot Animation Sound Mute
    Boot Animation Optimization

    To update your FrontRow, navigate to Settings > Update.

  • Great update thanks

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