Magnetic Mount

  • I found the lanyard and magnetic clip not really fit for my purpose and have made my own double-sided magnetic mount. It can be attached to your hat, T-shirt or jacket anywhere and any way you want. The design also allows the FR camera to be mounted upside down and therefore allowing the adjustment of the downward camera angle,

    The design is just a prototype and I am aware that it needs a more refined look. However, the mount sticks very tight to my clothing without the risk of becoming dislodged. Due to the use of neodymium magnets in both disks, it takes a considerable force to remove it, even when attached to a thick winter jacket.

    Two disks. One for the back of the clothing and the other for the front featuring a neoprene sleeve on the front to slide the camera's clip inside.

    alt text

    Attached to my jacket in normal upright position.

    alt text

    Attached upside down, allowing for adjusting camera angle downwards in case too much sky is being recorded.

    alt text

  • That’s great! Can we see a picture of your mount? Curious to know if it affects the WiFi or Bluetooth connection? Also, does it drop as you are running or walking?

    Overall I like your idea to be able to clip it to hats and shirts the way you want it.

  • @evibing The picture of the mount is shown in my posting above , consisting of one magnetic disk being worn on the inside of your clothing and the other on the outside. The outside disk has a tight sleeve which allows to slip in the accessory magnetic clip of the FR camera.

    The sleeve has a narrow opening and keeps the clip very tight inside. Therefore it is impossible for the clip to slip out even when wearing upside down and running. It will take a considerable force to pull out the clip but also to separate the two magnetic disks from each other. This was the whole purpose of the design and more importantly to be able to tilt the camera downwards when too much sky is being recorded.

    I have not experienced any interference with Bluetooth or WiFi.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • Interesting design. Instead of selling special pocket add-ons, I think U-Labs can also sell some special clothes (T-shirt, Jacket, hat, headwear) which would look much nicer. Man's clothes are quite simple and not many variations.

  • @dajian888 I don't think I would like to carry around with me four different clothing to cater for various scenarios and seasons. The main reason for my design is to wear it on any clothing I want, anywhere on the clothing I want and lastly to wear it upside down to adjust the camera angle further downwards.

    As observed by many others there is a need for adjusting the camera angle either physically or by software to avoid the "too much sky shots".

    This is not an inherent problem with the FR camera alone but also with other devices like the GoPro 5 I own. However, a third party double magnetic plate I bought, which also features a swivel, has finally overcome the problem. I have taken inspiration from this design to create one for the FR.

    Hopefully the camera angle adjustment is being taken into consideration at one stage in the next updates. I don't need apps like spotify but a camera which fulfils my needs. This was the main purpose for me to buy the FR.

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