Questions WRT Uploading

  • I have made successfully connections between the FR camera and the app on my phone through external WiFi, the units own inherent WiFi and Bluetooth and saved photos etc. to the FrontRow App.

    However, when trying to upload the saved media from the app to my phone's camera roll, I noticed that this is only possible by means of WiFi and/or Internet Connection.

    Am I correct by saying that the saved media in the FrontRow App is not on the phone but only on the FrontRow server?

    Otherwise how it is not possible to upload the saved media in the app directly to the camera roll?

  • hey, @klausadrift, FrontRow did not upload media to server.
    When you open FrontRow app, and connect to FrontRow, media is still on FrontRow, have not been transferred to FrontRow app yet. So when you click download button to upload your media to phones's camera roll, it need to download from FrontRow first. If it's a picture or small video, it could download directly by Bluetooth, but if you download a video file, bigger than 100MB, it need a Wifi connection/setup hotspot for your phone and FrontRow, so transfer could be done in short time.

  • Hello @frank-fan, thanks for the reply.
    I have in fact transferred/saved the media files first from the FR camera to the FR app on my phone.

    However, after pressing the "share" button in the FR phone app I was unable to upload to my camera roll directly with either Bluetooth or the camera's WiFi. The media I saved to the FR app on the phone was a single test picture and a 30mb video.

    I was only able to upload to my camera roll after I connected to my home WiFi linked to the internet.

    That made me assume that the media was stored somewhere else but not my phone.

    Maybe it has something to do with using an Android phone? This would not be the first time that I found incompatibilities. The last one was the inability to use the "scissor" function in the story editing mode in the FR app. This has been partly fixed with the latest firmware update.

    Any further comments regarding the upload issue would be appreciated.

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