Upside-down story

  • Another curious behaviour I noticed when capturing images etc.

    If you hold the camera upside down any picture or video taken appears perfectly upright orientated in the gallery or FR app.

    However, this does not apply for story mode, although the screen on the camera or app shows the right orientation. The story appears in the gallery upside-down and there is no way to rotate the clip.

    May I suggest to:
    a) have the story captured in the upright orientation when holding the camera upside down same as for taking photos or videos or
    b) provide means in the gallery to flip the saved story in the gallery or FR app in the upright position

  • @klausadrift
    Thanks for feedback, there is a bug in last release 1.4.318, it's been fixed recently. sorry about that.
    When you start story by holding FrontRow upside down, story video will be captured with a upside-down orientation.

  • Hi @frank-fan. You said it has been fixed recently.

    Do I understand correctly that this will be fixed in the next update then?

  • It still captures upside down!

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