Bib mount for marathoner

  • So I created it.

    This will be one of my New York City marathon day gear next week. It's cheap but just worked fine for my 15 miler last week. Maybe I will make a hole in front of the lens for better picture if weather is good.

    Other than that he issue is that you have to start recording before it gets mounted... Also how many hours was it supposed to work before the battery lasts? I am a slow runner and it needs to work for 10 hours to capture the first step outside of my apartment till the finish.

    By the way my first solution was to put it on a round neck compression shirt with the clip and wear another shirt with a hole for the lens as outer layer. It worked fine as well but I thought I didn't want to make a hole on a race day shirt.


  • administrators

    Cool ! You can adjust the Story to get longer time by Setting >Camera > Story .

    Maybe you can try to DIY a GoPro adapter with GoPro accessories for marathon .

  • Okay. Here we go

    Although I adjust the capture interval to 7 sec and turned Save mode on, it died in 6 hours... Also the rain did not allow me to make a hole on the plastic sandwich bag around the camera lens on the race day. But I enjoyed the video.

  • @tokuyk Love the video. Thanks for sharing!

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