FrontRow Success at Future Decoded, London

  • Just wanted to let you know: I used the FrontRow at FutureDecoded this year. Future Decoded is Microsoft's largest tech event in the UK and brings together business and technology leaders to look at what's shaping our world now and in the future. This year, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro LTE and new Surface Book 2 products there.

    I used the FrontRow to livestream the main expo hall, to try and give a feel for the atmosphere. Although the WiFi coverage was a challenge, which lead to quality and drop out problems, it was still totally worth doing. I found that the FrontRow was a lot less intrusive than a mobile phone and people didn't change how they interacted when I approached them with the FrontRow. I did a mixture of wearing it on the lanyard on the next, and also unclipping it and holding it in my hand, although I managed to cover up the microphone once or twice, (maybe a suggestion for a nice hand grip connector or something?). I got some good panoramic photos of the stages as well.

    You can see some of the videos here: Couple of photos at the bottom of the post.

    All in all, it was a great success and I'm looking forward to taking the FrontRow to my next conference.




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    Thanks for your sharing.

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    I feel like I was there! Very cool look into the event. Thanks for sharing @tomorgan!

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