What happened to the "Save Still" button?

  • The app worked great last time I used it. Today I open it, download my timelapse and start scrubbing through the timeline to select stills to save... but wait... there's no save still button anymore?!?! What have you done!?!!

    This is one of THEE most important features of your device and you got rid of it... that, or you hid it somewhere that it shouldn't be. Please update/fix this issue. This device is literally useless to me if I can't save select stills from the timeline.

  • administrators

    @zachiatrist Thank you for pointing this out. We are investigating and will bring this feature back with the next update. Our apologies!

    In the meantime, you can still save an individual frame on the FrontRow device (pause Story playback, seek to desired frame, select save image button).

  • @frontrowjoe Thank you, I did do it on the device today. Works.. but doesn't work great. Too hard to select the exact frame on that tiny little timeline since you can't pinch-zoom on it. I'll await the bug fix on this, thanks!

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