How stable is the footage when wearing FrontRow?

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    The lanyard is the best mount to record first-person Story clips. It is also designed to quickly record video and snap pictures without you having to hold the device. Video recording while on the move in this way is only recommended if the user is going for a that type of raw action effect. We recommend either stabilizing the camera with your hand or using one of our other mounts (coil, car, clip) to record regular video. Additionally, in order to get the most stabilized footage possible we have developed a very high end automatic image stabilization (AIS) feature that will greatly improve otherwise choppy content.

  • Can we purchase additional accessories?

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    @dswihart The car mount and coil mount will be available for purchase soon. Are there other accessories you would be interested in?

  • Oh Im glad you asked! Of course :-D a waterproof mount or at least water resistant mount or case would be great, a clip mount would be cool also - so I could clip it to a backpack or similar possibly a rubber case or someway you could attach a security lanyard (I guess this could be accomplished with a clip mount - but with it being so expensive I am worried it might drop off my belt if I didnt have a better way to attach it to like a belt loop).

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