How to stream live to instagram?

  • Can anyone guide me to stream from my FrontRow to instagram. and if this isnt available could you guys implement it soon please

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    Hi @rodgadala. Live streaming to Instagram is not available currently. Instagram has yet to release an API for their Live platform for developers. The only way to stream via Instagram is through the Instagram App. We've reached out to Instagram, and as soon as their API is available we will add streaming support to their platform.

  • @frontrowjoe Thanks for the update. I wonder why Instagram is slow in offering the API on this when Facebook already does.

  • @frontrowjoe Are we able to stream from instagram now?

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    Sorry , Not yet .

    We still don't get API permission from Instagram .

  • I found a way to stream to instagram with frontrow. it's a bit technical but it works. You just need to obtain the stream key. I followed this guide right here:

    Once you generated the streamkey, you have to put that in Custom RTMP.

    I've uploaded a quick video demonstrating it

    It requires a lot of effort but it works. Keep in mind the Stream Key refreshes everytime it reloaded. What I personally do is I send the streamkey from my PC to myself on FB messenger, then I open FB messenger on my phone and paste the key to the frontrow app.

    The only way I can think of to do this while away from your computer is to install Teamviewer on your PC to allow remote access from your phone, enable "Grant Easy Access" in teamviewer to give your computer unattended access. Then you can control your PC with a phone and generate the key that way. A lot of work I know but hey it's possible.

  • I made a web service to let you go live with any software
    Use generated stream key and server address to setup your stream

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