Update: Firmware v1.4.349, FROS v1.7.11

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    Firmware v1.4.349 & FROS 1.7.11 are now available on your FrontRow!


    Google Drive Backup
    One the the more popular requests from the FrontRow Community is now available. Sync your Google Drive account to backup all of your content or only favorite items when your FrontRow is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. Setup Google Drive Backup by navigating to Settings > System > Google Drive Backup on your FrontRow device.



    Add German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Language Support
    Optimize Media Button response speed
    Optimize dial screen status
    Bugs fix and performance improvements

    To update your FrontRow, navigate to Settings > Update.

  • This is huge!!! Thanks developer for deploying this!!! I’m super happy with gdrive integration!!!

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