Introducing FrontRow Director & Sidekick

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    First, we would like to thank the FrontRow Community for their support. Your suggestion and comments have helped shape the future of FrontRow Cameras.

    Today we are introducing two new products in the FrontRow family, Director and Sidekick, that can be pre-ordered via Indiegogo.

    The FrontRow Director, a small portable 4k gimbal camera, produces professional-looking footage anywhere with its cutting-edge hardware and a sophisticated and portable structure.


    The FrontRow Sidekick, a compact waterproof action camera, clips to you for recording or live-streaming action-packed experiences.


  • I’ve seen a video for the Director and looks great! I have a few questions.

    1. There was a scene where the Director was set on the table and noticed there are 4 legs? How does that work when you fold the Director? Is it reattached when not needed?

    2. Does Director have the ability to zoom in and out?

    3. How is the picture and video quality under low light?

    4. How come on Indiegogo, there’s a discount of 50% on FR? Wouldn’t the company give us a discount if we order the Director or Sidekick to keep the loyal customers happy?

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    1. The legs you see are from a tripod accessory for Director. The legs are not part of the camera.
    2. Director will support digital zoom during video capture.
    3. Director features a f1.8 aperture lens which will allow for bright images in low light conditions.
    4. Indiegogo offers increasing avenues for companies of all sizes to get feedback and increased market awareness for new products. We have decided to utilize the Indiegogo platform to offer our product to a community of early adopters, to substantiate our ideas and get feedback from consumers that are willing to invest in these two new products before we launch them to the larger market. The discount is to encourage wider usage an adoption of FrontRow capture devices with this audience.

  • Why does IndieGoGo show the Director will cost $360 despite being superior to the $399 FrontRow in image quality and capabilty?

  • Awww, I can't clip my frontrow to the director?

  • I was looking to purchase a wearable device for live streaming when I go to visit Japan in 2019 and FrontRow has really caught my eye. I looked up reviews and decided not to buy due to a few things but it looks like these new products will fix those so I'm super excited to see them in action!! Thanks for listening to the customers and improving your product FrontRow! I went to the Indiegogo page but it looks like it's down currently. I have a few questions...

    Are the Director and Sidekick add-ons to the current FrontRow camera or two completely different products? Do any of these work together?

    Thank you!!

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