Magnetic Clothing Clip - Keep camera stable and always pointed in the right direction

  • It would be nice to have a magnetic clothing clip that would allow you to place the FrontRow camera on any flat part of your body, like:

    I prototyped something that uses the existing magnets on the included mount using a 1.5 inch disc magnet.

    First, I designed a small plastic plate with guides to hold the magnets the correct distance apart:

    I cut a 1.5 inch disc magnet in half using a rotary tool, aligned the magnets, and glued them to the plastic guide plate. (lower right is the whole magnet, top shows the cut magnet glued to the plastic guide plate):

    The magnets on the plate are aligned with the magnets in the clip:

    This allows the magnet plate and the magnetic clip to clamp a large area of clothing to hold the camera flush against the body without drooping:

    This prototype, however, has some deficiencies. The magnetic clip's magnets are not well aligned for this purpose, and so they don't clamp as strongly as if they were flat, blocking the display. Cutting magnets is messy, and requires some tooling and cleanup of neodymium magnetic dust. I don't recommend anyone do it themselves. The magnets, once cut, are easily damaged, as can be seen in my prototype where I dropped one of the halves, resulting it it breaking into smaller pieces.

    I think blocking the display is okay because the buttons are still accessible and the app can still control it, and the advantage of the large surface area, unlike the lanyard, is that the camera is always very stable and and pointed in the right direction.

    It would be great if FrontRow could manufacture a proper version of this, with a clip that could clamp into clothing in a similar manner but more securely.

  • This method of mounting might be more powerful with a lighter/smaller version of FrontRow, such as the new FrontRow SideKick.

    Other mounting methods could include pinch clip or pin.

    The ultimate goal is to attach the camera to clothes in a semi-permanent way, so it really works as other wearables (such as smartwatches).

  • The magnetic force between a pair of 1.5inch neodymium magnets is extremely strong, easily strong enough to hold the FrontRow very firmly, especially if there were a dedicated clip that contained one magnet oriented to sit flat.

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