serendipity, narrative and life logging

  • hi!

    another frustrated narrative clip user here.

    got no frontrow due to its prohibitive price tag. yet.

    love the general concept, ideas, the freaking awesome production, which went as far as creating this discourse space (although node bb could've been better, maybe) and the amazing fact you're the only device this small, out of dozens i went through, which has USB C. 😁

    that being said...

    hate the screen. it's completely unnecessary and a battery hungry feature. for nothing, other than making FR way more expensive than it could be. the only real use would be if you've got no mobile. at least for my logging needs.

    even all those buttons could have been replaced by the gyroscope, to save space and reduce the battery size. like in the otherwise great narrative clip, you know.

    a big missing feature, which i could find in just 2 other Kickstarter gadgets, is analogous to iPhone's live photo (i do prefer Google's name for it: motion photo). being able to log the past. the battery savings of story mode is perfect for this.

    perhaps a similar and better functionality is even already built in, in some way... to save everything and allow to simply mark the best moments by pressing a button! picture a timeline with photos (here's the beauty of having all of them separated, instead of a time lapse video) with some marks along with the pre manually selected moments. not sure if story mode can be used together with taking pictures, but i doubt they would integrate in this way in any automated fashion, right now.

    plus, a complementary and even better missing feature, which probably no other camera is doing or even planning to do...

    marking the moments by serendipity. connect as many Bluetooth devices as possible and use loud noises, big lights, bumps, vibrations, heart pumping, whatever highly unusual activity any sensor can detect. label that second as such, adding gps and whatever more relevant punctual data about the time, location and conditions (weather would be nice).

    now we're getting much closer to black mirror's! 🤩

    ##to be edited

    below, just a couple of references to edit in later, when i get to my laptop.

    Being able to save the images or export just the images from Story Mode.

    Allow constantly uploading story mode pictures/video to cloud?

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