Voice Memo export tutorial

  • Voice Memo export tutorial
    A. Login FrontRow Cloud

    1. Sign up your account in FrontRow App and pair your device with the FrontRow app. If your device has paired with the app, please ignore this step.
    2. Turn on FrontRow Cloud (https://web.frontrow.com/) on your computer
    3. You must keep your FrontRow device’s screen brighten or in charging status. Then login FrontRow Cloud and you can remotely operate your FrontRow.

    B. Voice Memo List on FrontRow Cloud

    1. After login FrontRow Cloud, click the “Voice Memos” on the home page. All your voice memos from FrontRow device will display on this page.
    2. You can pre-listen, download, and delete on the Voice Memos page.
    3. You can download your voice memo according to the name. Simply click the download button at the right top of the icon to download, and it will save to your browser’s download path.

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