Introducing VlogNow App: A FREE & PRO video editor

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    Hi all,

    We are introducing VlogNow App from Ubiquiti Labs to you.

    If you still think editing a video is very complicated and must be on a editing software for your Mac or PC, then VlogNow will change your mind. VlogNow app, let you edit your video like a pro on mobile anytime and anywhere.

    Simple, yet powerful as editing software. Just one single finger to fully customize your videos. Easily to split, drag, delete clips, adjust speed and transition, music and voice-overs, text and stickers, more features to satisfy all your needs from the editor. Most importantly, save the original video to your camera roll and instantly share to your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

    It is never too late to become a pro in such as easy way. Everyone can be a Vlogger.

    So just Vlog Now! Get it for free on App Store or click HERE.

    For Android users, you are deserved to wait for better user experience! Android app is coming soon.

    A quick glance at the features:

    Requisite editing tools

    Zoom in/out the timeline
    Tap to split, drag, delete, and duplicate video clips
    Adjust playback speed for up to 8X faster or 1/8X slower
    Change the transition style between video clips
    Apply video frames and filters
    Add your photos to the video

    Powerful text tool - Textline

    Add title slides, text overlays in the timeline
    Change color of the text
    Adjust the text duration
    Adjust the text size in the viewer
    Rotate the text size and adjust the places of the text

    Customize background music/soundtracks

    Choose from free music or select from your own iTunes library
    Support multiple soundtracks and adjust the duration
    Apply fade in/out for music

    Easily share and save original video

    Instant sharing to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other with a web link
    Save your original videos to your camera roll
    Save draft whenever you need a break!

    Find more information to follow us:




    Thanks for taking your time to read this, and also for your consideration to download and enjoy VlogNow app.


    The VlogNow Team
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  • It's not available in Hong Kong's iOS App Store? :(

  • @fiord78 It's available now, enjoy it! :)

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