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  • From the diminishing numbers of posts this year I am under the impression that the initial hype about the FrontRow camera is now over and reality has set in.
    Well, at least it has happen to me. Was using the device for a story recording in Japan and the footage was just awful, because I also used my phone camera once in a while and most of the time my hands were in the pictures. Editing/cutting all these frames would have been a nightmare, so I trashed the whole movie.
    Bottom line is: story mode requires literally a "hands off" stance if you wear it around your neck or attached to your clothing. Best for story mode would be to pin it to your hat or cap.
    I am still waiting for FrontRow to come up with some other attachment options. But zilch so far and I have given up hope of ever seeing something developing by FrontRow, apart from other users showing some ideas.
    Since my early disaster experience I have shelved the camera since last November, but thinking of using it again for taking videos and pictures. After all I paid a premium price for this gimmick.
    Story mode is definitely not for me personally, as I can't get used to watching rapidly changing images with all kind of crooked angles. But I must admit that story mode would be excellent for time lapse videos. A feature I still have to experience with.
    All in all I still think the FrontRow camera is a fantastic device and well designed and engineered. However and unless one is prepared to accept limitations, the end results may seem disappointing to some users.

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    @klausadrift Thanks for your suggestions.

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