VlogNow App: Mobile Phone’s Version of Premiere, Edit Videos at Anytime and Anywhere

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    From a rookie to the professional editor, what you lack may just be a suitable app.

    Did you experience any of the following issues when editing video?

    • The videos cannot be edited because the computer is not around with you;
    • Consider the editing process is too complicated and you may just leave the videos on the phone forever;
    • In order to pursue special functions on mobile, such as curve shifting speed or reverse, multiple editors, you have to download the different app at the same time;

    However,all these problems above will be solved in VlogNow app.
    The VlogNow app is a free video editing app developed by Ubiquiti Labs team, which allows you to become a director of your own life. It makes you feel like you are using editing software on mobile and meets all your needs of fast editing, pursuing cool effects, and even sharing to social media at any time.

    Here are some introductions of this App:

    Basic Feature

    (1)Quick editing
    VlogNow applies PC-based video track to the app, which including time-line, text-line, and music-line. With your finger, you can zoom in and out of every single track and allow you to split it accurately on your mobile phone.

    You can reorder video clips by long press.
    alt text

    In addition to the "Delete" tool, you can also use the finger to swipe up and down to delete unwanted clips.
    alt text

    (2) Various subtitles
    There are a lot of text types to choose and you can adjust fonts and colors.
    alt text

    The size of the text can be scaled and rotated in the preview.
    alt text

    In addition, the position and duration of text can also be adjusted in the text-line.
    alt text

    (3) Support multi-segment soundtracks import
    There is online free music to choose from.
    Notice: iOS supports importing from iTunes music, while Android supports importing from local music on your mobile phone.

    The function of "fade in" and "fade out" of music makes music and video appear less abrupt.
    alt text

    VlogNow supports adding the multi-segment soundtrack, and you can drag in the music-line to adjust the duration;
    alt text

    It is also possible to adjust the video volume and the music volume separately, which enable to add background music while retaining the original sound.
    alt text

    (4)Multiple filter styles
    Up to 20 kinds of filter styles must have a suitable for you, you can also adjust the filter intensity by sliding the bar below.
    alt text

    More importantly, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature etc, according to your needs.
    alt text

    (5)Multiple transition modes
    More than 10 kinds of transition styles can make the connection between the videos more smoothly;
    alt text

    At the same time, it has slow speed, normal speed, and fast speed for you to choose from.
    alt text

    Special Features
    VlogNow also contains a variety of special features, such as curve shifting speed, reversing, and zooming.

    (1) Curve Shifting Speed
    VlogNow not only has the acceleration/deceleration function, but also supports the variable speed changing of the video, that is, different speed adjustments can be performed in a certain video clip, so that you can also achieve professional operation on the mobile phone.
    alt text

    To make your video more distinctive, VlogNow's reverse function is definitely worth a try. Funny, tricky, and retrograde effects can all be easily achieved.

    Six kinds of zoom modes are available in VlogNow, even if you insert photos in the video, it can make the screen move.
    alt text

    (4)Save Draft
    After hours of video editing, the video disappeared due to App flashback or some other reasons, this situation is believed that most of the editors have encountered, but the "draft save" set in VlogNow can retain the source file of the entire editing process, let you continue to edit unfinished videos at any time, anywhere.
    alt text

    In addition to the several features introduced above, VlogNow also supports screen rotation and video duplicate. There are more new features waiting for you to unlock.

    Most importantly, NO watermarks! Everyone can be a pro to edit video by VlogNow and this is no longer a hard skill to share their life.

    Android version of some features are not yet perfect compared to iOS and still in development, but you can also use it to do quick editing.

    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1343581380?mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frontrow.vlog

    Follow us for more information:
    Official website: www.vlognow.me
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VlogNowApp/
    Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/VlogNowApp

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