Time Clock app cloud service in story mode.

  • Story mode could be used to keep track of time in an open cooperative. SOCIALMARKET is looking to use technology like story mode that can be uploaded to a peer shared cloud service that keeps a tally of total historical hours cooperated. This would be a major step forward in Open Value Networks for contributing hours and receiving compensation from open cooperatives. Watch "A New Economy" on netflix to see how a stop watch camera with a story mode could make cooperating in a Open Value Network even more appealing and easier to document your contributions to the peer network.

    We need help getting Time Clock app or cloud service on Frontrow cameras so we can earn 100% Fruit of Labor from our contributions to open cooperatives.

  • @socialmarket We are still looking for an app/service to upload story mode videos to keep track of collaboration hours.

    Until a Frontrow SDK is available. We could use a cloud storage service with an integrated or separate app/script to tally total hours in users accounts.

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