Poor connection issues when using RTMP?

  • I’m having connection issues often while using RTMP. I’m broadcasting to my own RTMP server at home which then gets ingested by OBS and sent on to a streaming service.

    How is resolution/bitrate determined? Does Power Save mode make a difference? Does leaving a power source connected affect the Wi-Fi reception? Does FrontRow connect directly to the RTMP server or is there an intermediary somewhere?

    For example, I know when I use BitStream/Streamlabs and limit my bandwidth to <1500kbps I have zero issues with choppy video. I’m thinking the Custom RTMP feature may need additional settings to work smoothly.

    Sample video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/284376866?t=716s

  • So I finally found all of the settings for setting resolution/bandwidth/frame rate.

    It was pretty confusing since for some reason the settings are only accessible via the device, not via the FrontRow app on either Android or iOS.

    One question I do have, though... What's the "Beauty Filter" option in settings?

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