Stream to more users in a private website

  • Is it possible to have an idea to stream in a private page in a web site?

    I need to stream a live in a private page on a web site, i find 2 way:

    -Create a linux server with nginx and ffmpeg

    -use a payservice to stream the live

    For the first way i mounted a linux server with nginx, but i don't know how to convert the rtmp signal in a html5 codec or in an other codec to see in a web player

    For the second way i used dacast and other service, but no one worked because i can't put my user and my password. So, i need a solution to go forward for the first or second way.
    Someone can help me?

  • administrators

    Why don't you use facebook live or youtube live ? they also suppport private live streaming.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, sorry for late answer.
    That's because i want to stream in a my private wordpress site with a my private users, that are signed in my site. So i want to use or a private server with nginx or dacast service. Thank you.

  • Yuhuuuu?

    Are there some news?
    I'm waiting to use this camera to stream with rtmp.
    Is it really possible that we can't connect with dacast service o WOWZA or something else?

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