cannot stream to facebook, says unreachable network always when on any good network

  • its been doing this for a while like maybe 3months. i tried factory reset too, no luck. doesnt work from android app or from device itself

    It says "unreachable network, please check network connection and try again"
    I've tried like 5 different internet connections that are working just fine and no luck.

    It works just fine for youtube and other services, just not facebook. I'm running the latest firmware.

    Screenshots from app and device:

  • Yes I've been dealing with this problem too. I believe facebook made changes recently that affected the way FB Live works which is causing problems. I did find a workaround for it, though it requires extra effort. What you can do is use Custom RTMP and set it up to your facebook. You can go to this link:

    Click Create Live Stream, then on frontrow input the Sever address and Stream key. I would checkmark the "Use a persistent stream key" as well so it doesnt change after each reload. Now you can broadcast with facebook on frontrow again.

    The link above also work on your phone browser if you set it to "Desktop Mode". Once you share the post from the link you don't have to keep the browser open. This is just a workaround however I hope the team at frontrow fixes this soon because going live on FB is a big selling point for the product

  • thanks. I will try this. However, hey frontrow team, can we get an official update on this? It's the only reason I use the device. It's been sitting on the shelf ever since.

  • Hi @mattlepacek have you upgraded your FrontRow to the latest version(v1.4.393)? If yes, please try to log out your facebook account and log in again on FrontRow.

  • Yayyyyy!!! It's working again!! So happy! Only thing I'd like to see now is director mode option to broadcast to custom rtmp!

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