Allow one-click live streaming

  • The nice thing about FrontRow is that it is easier to use (than a smart phone). However, if live streaming requires look through a list of apps and starting the app, it will require several button clicks. So ideally, we might want to customize the recording button to do different things for different people.

    For example, if I primarily only live-stream in facebook, I would pre-configure the physical record button to do just that. So I don't need to active the FrontRow and look for the app. This is similar to configure a "fast-key" setting in a game. The goal is to minimize the user interaction and make start and stop recording/live-streaming as easy as possible.

  • Good idea.

  • administrators

    Yah, we can customize the media button actions for the specifical scenario .

    current media button actions:

    • 1 click for photo shoot
    • 2 clicks for start / pause story
    • hold press for video recording

  • @vincent-frontrow I would like to see the media button customization screen added back into Settings with additional options like stopwatch/spotify pause/video record for X number of seconds/livestream, etc.

  • I would say it is better to not add a feature to use this as a stopwatch, even though that feature might be really easy to add. In terms of usability, it is not "more is better". Any additional feature will distract users and potentially confuse them.

    For example, I saw the mobile phone power bank is often designed to work with both iphone and android phone. It sounds reasonable since it would potentially double the sales, right? But the problem here is that most people either have a iphone or an android phone, not both! Having more capability often has its cost, and in this case it is the extra adapter always dangling there and the additional cost.

    It is better for FrontRow to do one thing or several things really well, than try to do many things at the same time.

  • @dajian888 said in Allow one-click live streaming:

    For example, if I primarily only live-stream in facebook, I would pre-configure the physical record button to do just that.

    That is what I mean by add back media button customization screen. That was already available but removed last minute.

    Users should be able to install whatever "several things" they want on their FrontRow device. Those features will work well.
    If you don't want a stopwatch then don't install it; if installed, allow media button to interact with it

  • @christopherpiekarski Yeah, if stopwatch is mostly invisible to regular users, it will not do any harm.

  • The ability to go live on one's selected social media channel of choice with a single button press is an absolute necessity in my opinion

  • I personally am against 1 click livestreaming because it could be pressed accidentally. Also, it doesn't give you the opportunity to add a title, or select the audience (public, friends only etc). I am in favor of allowing for some customization of the media button, so that those who would like to use it for other short cuts can do so.

  • @jjsantucci That is true. I think some feedbacks from those who do a lot of live streaming might be helpful here.

  • i agree going live with one click is really required for me.

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