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  • Hello everyone!

    I have used the FR for a little while and found that I typically use it to and from work while driving (Mirror, and not actually using while driving). Upon reaching my destination with no car accident or video that somebody might need for evidence I delete the video. I would like to see new ways of communication with the device.

    I suggest a FR watch wrist band accessory that swivels and allows you to pull the front row up while connected to your wrist. While pulled up you can select your messenger or hang out app and call family and friends, or even a private meeting. Allow for E-mail access and possibly a notification that you receive when you receive an important E-mail or set it up for each individual message. Set up calendar and reminders that can all be set up within the FR when connected to your phone. This same idea could work when you receive a personal message to your phone, that you can reply back and attach an in the moment picture. Receive a call? Your ring tone can be pushed through to the FR and ring on your front row while displaying a visual picture of the person. Answer or Decline for slide options or slide up to send a reply that you are currently busy. Water proof casing for the device which can be purchased separately with the wrist band to ensure safety of the device while being used as a watch accessory. Possible implantation of control in your environment's technology. Set up devices at home, which can be turned on or turned off through the FR while connected to your phone.

    Overall I still use my FR as a personal evidence system for my driving and other's around me. I enjoy the concept and the size, but hope to see new accessories and updates to the OS and its capabilities. The device still has a lot of potential but needs more attention to accessories as well as uses in everyday life. These features could be turned on and off to be used which is optional to the end user. The people want a device they can use in their everyday life whether its face timing with another person or checking their E-mails and even the time of day.

    Thank you,

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