3rd party remote

  • I would like to trigger the video/photo of the Frontrow camera with a small bluetooth remote, rather than with the smartphone app.

    Anyone here heard of such an accessory, which can be programmed to work with various devices? I know of some remote controls for various camera brands and types, but they are restricted to cameras only.

    It would be very nifty to use such a device, especially in locations where the use of a smartphone is restricted or prohibited. Maybe the Frontrow team is interested in developing such a remote as an additional accessory.

  • @klausadrift you can use a selfie remote shutter to trigger the photo/story of the Frontrow Camera by pairing with selfie remote shutter in Settings -> System -> Blutooth. Hope it works for you.

  • @jabinzhao. Fantastic advice. Didn't know the camera could also connect to other devices. Found an old selfie-stick remote which works like a charm, albeit triggers only photos. Need to find another remote for photos and camera.
    Anyway, thanks very much. Good work!

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