Blue Screen of Death

  • Just updated successfully to Firmware1.4.393, but noticed the camera to heat up quite a bit during the process. I switched off and about 2 minutes later switched on again as I had forgotten something.
    I was met with the blue screen of death and attempts to switch off, reboot etc. were unsuccessful. Also found out from this forum that apparently the camera has no means of a reboot or hard/factory reset.
    For a while the screen turned frequently to black and blue and in the end was black entirely.
    Several attempts to press the power and/or camera button only resulted in some kind of short vibrations.
    After further few minutes of absolute frustration, pressing the power button turned the device miraculously on again and the boot process went on as usual.
    Here, my question: what triggered the "Blue Screen of Death"? was it the firmware update or the fact that the device heated up quite a bit?
    Whatever, the answer, I think that the device requires very urgently a means of a reboot by pressing either one or all of the buttons. Hopefully this can be achieved by including in the next firmware update.

  • @klausadrift Please commit feedback in Settigns -> Feedback. I will look at logs for your issues.

  • @jabinzhao. Thanks for the reply. Have forwarded the feedback regarding my crash.

  • @klausadrift OK, thanks.

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