Allow automatic sync/downloading in FrontRow app

  • My understanding is that interaction with FrontRow app is required to download photos/videos from FrontRow device? How about having a setting in the app to allow automatic sync/downloading whenever the mobile phone and FrontRow device are both connected to Wi-Fi?

    One use case I am planning right now is to take photos and videos on a trip/event, and all I need to do is to press start/stop button (physical button), then after the trip/event, when I get home, it will automatically download to my phone. Then Google Photos will automatically upload these photos/videos to cloud (they have unlimited storage for free!).

    As a result, I don't need to do much (other than starting and stopping the video or story mode), and can still have tons of videos/photos uploaded to cloud for years of use!

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    @dajian888 Thanks for the suggestion! We will be looking at ways of adding other cloud backup options in the weeks to come.

  • @frontrowjoe Thanks! Maybe one more option to allow use to use one-click to delete all videos already downloaded to mobile phone/tablet/PC? Right now I can see which video is downloaded and can select multiple videos to delete, but still have that one-click-delete option is easier (similar to what iPhone allows deleting photos in trash bin with one click).

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    If the device in charging and connect WiFi, It will backup to Dropbox automatically when you turn on Dropbox backup by mobile app ( Setting > Storage > Backup ) .

    We try to support Google Photos (they did have unlimited storage for free!), but they don't have open API .

  • @vincent-frontrow What about automatically download/back-up to personal cloud, such as Synology? Now I think that option is very attractive.

    So once I get back home, when FrontRow is connected to wifi and being charged, it can start downloading to Synology personal cloud (if user choose this option as the default action). Synology has very good APIs and automatically hooked to many 3rd party apps.

    I can view synology photo/video on my phone, on my smart TV and remotely access it too. And storage is fairly cheap.

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    @dajian888 said in Allow automatic sync/downloading in FrontRow app:

    Sync to personal cloud is a good idea .

    1. Does it have Android app ? If yes , we will try and support it .

    2. Is it popular ?

  • @vincent-frontrow I think Synology has an android app. But more generally, is there a generic solution that works for all personal clouds? I mean the FrontRow is already on the same home network with the NAS (network attached storage), what could be stopping the copying process to any NAS (If the password of access is supplied to FrontRow device)?

    In terms of popularity, Synology should be the the most popular consumer NAS in US.

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    What Synology specific model you use ?

  • @vincent-frontrow For me, it is DS216J. This is the most popular model in Amazon, but I am sure some others could choose a different model.

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