Focus on the strength

  • Recently I was traveling in Christmas time and still love my FrontRow very much, but my friends didn't think in the same way.

    I think their complaints were mostly about the quality of the video (not focused on the best scene and angle, plus the fish-eye effect), and the price.

    So I think FrontRow might consider another approach, just to focus on the strength, which I think is about fast control and easy access (no need to bring the camera or smart phone out). Also, no need to hand-hold it and story-mode is effortless.

    So here are some of my "new" suggestions:

    1. Keep it simple.
      Make it simple to use and simple to build. We don't need high end devices that can do a lot of things, just a piece that has a camera and a button. It could have storage built in, or even just use Bluetooth to stream videos to smart phone? If Bluetooth is too unstable or too slow, it should still have some storage inside, but maybe not too much storage, just enough to allow it to sync it to phone later on (as a buffer).

    Keeping it simple will reduce the size and price of the device. And allow it to be mounted on more devices and on clothes or hat.

    1. Improve the image/video stability.
      As I said above, keeping it simple and small will help to mount it. This may in turn help the image/video quality. I hope UBNT can come up with several types of standard mounts. For example, 1 for hat, 1 for chest, 1 for palm, and 1 for eyeglasses.

    These are just some suggestions, it could be just daydreaming, since I have no idea about the technical feasibility. It is probably right to just give up, but I just hate to see such a good device and innovative idea getting wasted.

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