Pairing FrontRow with the FrontRow App

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    FrontRow Tutorial:

    FrontRow was designed to interact seamlessly with the FrontRow App in order to provide quick access to your content for sharing.

    To pair your FrontRow with the FrontRow App:

    • Power on your device by holding the power button for a few moments.

    • Select desired language and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Setup a Security Pattern, and draw it again to confirm (Make sure this is a pattern you will remember, as you will need to enter it whenever you pair your FrontRow with an iOS or Android device).

    • Download the FrontRow App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Open the FrontRow App on your iOS or Android device. Set up your account using your email address, or login using your Facebook or Google account.

    • Once you login, look for your FrontRow in the list of devices. Make sure your FrontRow is turned on and nearby.

    • When your FrontRow is found press Pair, then enter your Security Pattern.

    • Select your FrontRow from the Bluetooth Accessory List. When prompted, select “Pair” on your mobile device and your FrontRow to confirm pairing. This may take a few minutes.


    Now that your FrontRow is paired, use the FrontRow App to download, edit, and share your content, or control the camera remotely.

  • Not sure if it’s just my specific FrontRow- but I continue to find this to be the absolute most erratic Bluetooth device I have ever used. It doesn’t matter what I try to pair it with, I never know how it’s going to behave or what hoops I’ll need to jump through to get it to finally pair. It’s frustrating.

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