Need more concrete use cases/stories to help people find out how to use FrontRow

  • FrontRow is a very innovative device. It could be used in many situations people are not yet familiar with. I hope the team and/or the community can come up with some common use cases/stories and educate people on what it could be used for.

    For example, conceptually, iPad wasn't very innovative, it is just a bigger iPhone without ability to make phone calls, but the use cases are quite different from iPhone simply because it is much bigger. With Apple's scale, people had a lot of opportunities and time to figure out how to use iPad, I am not sure it is the same with FrontRow.

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    Control your FrontRow to record videos and take photos

    Connect your accounts to live stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter platforms from your FrontRow

    Capture an entire experience using FrontRow’s SmartCapture technology, which can record up to 20 hours and compiles your experience into an easy to share video.

    It can also used as driver camera , home camera .

  • @vincent-frontrow Thanks for the reply, that is a more general guideline. I am thinking about more concrete use cases.

    For example, for a student who wants to concentrate on listening to the teacher and not have to take a lot of notes during the class, he/she can use this device to record a lecture so the video could be reviewed later.

    I believe FrontRow is a revolutional device and its potential wasn't realized by most people yet. The key here (on a very high level) is that data is valuable and videos contain the most data (more than any other media). Although this fact never changed, technology wasn't available to allow us to capture, transfer and store the videos easily, until today. This is much bigger than many people would believe.

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    @dajian888 Agree, the video and streaming is future . It has actually become popular all over the world .
    The audience can get more useful data and better experience than any other media.

  • Another example, in a digital world, a city library's catalog only takes 50MB disk space. But in the physical world, it is much harder to capture the entire catalog. However, with FrontRow, it is possible to just walk through the book shelves in a library in 10 minutes, and deep learning (AI) software could capture all the book titles from the video. That is how powerful it could be.

    This could be something like a "video-cataloging" or "video-archiving". If I can turn on FrontRow for all day (story mode right now, full recording in the future), all the books, web pages, conferences I read/attend will be cataloged/backuped, all for the future reference/review. It is very valuable and yet not very costly.

    When Sci-fi movies become real, it has to be a big deal, right :)

  • @dajian888 said in Need more concrete use cases/stories to help people find out how to use FrontRow:


    I've got some ideas. ;-)

    I sent them in. Staff can message me for who I sent them to.

  • I wanted to record a conference call and used FrontRow not for the video but the audio. That's another odd but real use case

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