Design a headwear with embedded wearable camera?

  • For a wearable camera, the most natural place to go is the eyeglasses, because it follows the eyes very well (could easily change focus by head movement, and the direction it points to is the same as eye). However, the current technology still doesn't allow it to work well. All the battery and cpu/wifi chips/antenna/storage simply won't fit in well.

    The current solution of FrontRow is nice, but the position (chest) is a bit low and couldn't change direction/focus easily, and doesn't follow eye/head movement.

    Can we mount it on some headwear? Like the picture below. Make it a nice and natural part of a jewelry, so it looks good and yet can be big enough to be more useful in specs? (The Jewelry doesn't have to be a crown, but could be something similar)

    Of course, it only solves half of the problem since men may not like Jewelry, so some good-looking headwear for men might need to be invented. Hopeful better looking than a miners headlight :)

    0_1502994211406_Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 11.16.54 AM.png

  • I forgot to mention one benefit of the current FrontRow position over headmount. Chest is less flexible in movement, but that also makes it more stable (less blurry videos) over headmount. But with good stabilization hardware/software, that advantage might not be so significant?

  • When it comes to wearables, it is a very "personal" item. People won't wear it if it doesn't look good. And different people have quite different preferences on what looks good. That is the challenge.

  • Maybe this should be brought to some fashion designers. They should have a better idea. Lanyard swings and bumps too much.

    Another benefit for headwear is that the piece could be much larger, not everything (other than camera) should be in the center/front piece.

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