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    We are extremely excited to have you as a part of the FrontRow Community! Take a look around and don't hesitate to post questions, exchange tips, or share best practices with the Community.

  • Thanks Joe!

    Can't wait to be a FrontRowdy!

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    @kevinf Great to hear! Excited to see some of the content you capture!

  • Hi, joined this community today. I am a blogger in Germany and wrote a book about livestreaming here. This is a super interesting device. Tried to buy one, but they are all sold out. Is it planned to market them in Germany? Hannes Schleeh from schleeh.de and bloggercamp.tv

  • Hi,
    I am new to this community and just got the FrontRow. After a bit of familiarisation I am so far quite impressed with the picture quality and features of this device. I haven't made any serious videos or stories yet, apart from some test shots, but hope that it will meet my expectations on my next field trip.

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    @schleeh We plan to make FrontRow available in Europe soon. Stay tuned for an announcement!

  • HI from Toronto - this is an amazing product but it appears I can't buy one.
    Is that true?
    Canadians do cooool things too eh........

    How can I get one?

  • Hi.
    So excited to really see how far this camera casting device can take us as storytellers. I'm a father, filmmaker, comedian, dreamer and streamer. My lifelong project is #lifeUmentary and I've been shooting and starring in my own cinematic story simply made up of moments captured for over 13 years in hopes of catching the pieces of my life that feel like they could be right out of a movie. In my mind we should all connect cinematically and monetize. I look forward to making that happen. Together we can get to the party sooner.

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