Trim in story video editor only picks one part of video?

  • I found that the editor for regular video is different from the editor (the editor in the FrontRow iPhone app) of story-mode video. The first editor can cut pieces out and remove some pieces and leave the rest there. The second editor only has one "trim" function, and that trim function only allows me to select one part to save. What if I want to remove one episode in the middle and save the rest?

    Also, the editor of story mode video should allow me to select individual images in the video to save?

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    @dajian888 For video and Story editing, you can use the trim feature to cut out sections of frames in the middle of a video. Use the scissors to cut your video/Story into sections, and delete a section by pressing the delete icon when the section is highlighted.

  • @frontrowjoe Thanks, I will try this one. BTW, since the manual (quick start guide) is too simple, there might need to be a tutorial video uploaded to youtube to teach people about all the tricks and details (more advanced features).

    Some 3rd party youtubers are pretty professional on doing this kind of tasks. Their videos are easier to understand and sometimes fun to watch too.

    I always wonder why some companies still give out lengthy texts and hard to understand diagrams when it could all be done so quickly and easily by videos.

  • @dajian888 thanks for the suggestion! You will definitely start to see more tutorial video content coming.

  • @frontrowjoe I found that multi-frame editing mode. It is nice, but if I have thousands of frames, it is impossible to select them in this way. So it seems the need to improve the editing tool is still there?

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