Create a Google Photos app on FrontRow Device

  • I like the unlimited storage on Google Photos. Right now I have to download videos to my iPhone or iPad before uploading to google photos (and then delete those videos from my phone). If I can just directly upload to google photos from FrontRow Device, it would be much more convenient for me.

    I guess this may require Google to cooperate with U-Labs? Still, it is a very good feature if it can be done.

  • I found the trick of Google Photo. You can upload to unlimited storage in 720p or better, and when you view it, it could be high resolution too (sometimes it is low resolution like 360p if the server is busy?). But when you download it, it seems to be very low resolution always? It seems there is no free lunch here. You are hooked to view it on Google site (can't download a high resolution copy later).

  • I agree with this, but I think Amazon Prime photo storage would be even better because they are allowing for unlimited image uploads for Prime members.

  • @prescott Does that Amazon photo also include videos? I didn't see it mention videos.

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