Using frontrow to save lives.

  • I'm excited this is the first post in the third party app marketplace. I was recently issued patent #9,767,677 for a data driven emergency response platform, sort of like Uber for 911, and the patent covers wearable devices like Frontrow to transmit an alert to trigger a response from both private and public first responders. We are planning to transmit live audio and video while using the Twilio platform to record it. I want frontrow to be the first wearable that we demo to investors and support on our platform. How can we get this developed by working closely with your team? Can I speak with your founder? Thanks!

    Prescott Paulin

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  • @FrontRowJoe @Nicole-Lin @vincent-frontrow are you able to assist with this connection please?

  • Prescott,

    This is an amazing app.

    Are you looking for collaborators/partners/business opportunities in Toronto?

    I think would be interested in your app, I have connections with their Business unit.

    You can contact me via text at +16472859169 if you wish


  • @jabinzhao I'm surprised no one from Ubiquiti has bothered to respond to this thread... we could work together to save a lot of lives. Can you see why some of the admins like @FrontRowJoe are silent? I would really love to collaborate with your team to design a solution that can significantly reduce our response times for 911 related applications.

  • hi @prescott Sorry for that. About third party apps we had no plans before. but now we have already took it into account and we are thinking about how can do better for third party devs and what type of apps we should support first. you can go our help page( and commit a request with details, we would reply to you and once we support third party apps we could contact you first.

  • @jabinzhao I really appreciate your passion for getting involved, and for taking the time to respond to me.

    I reached out to connect with your team on third-party integration and was given the contact for your Head of Promotions, Mr, Safi Mojaddidi at but this remains the second time I've contacted him and not received a response.

    That's really frustrating to pour energy into writing an email and not, for the second time, be offered the courtesy of a response. It's very disappointing that Ubiquiti Networks' point person for third party development and integration is non-responsive, since you have mentioned this is a management / leadership priority.

    What else can we do to get attention and create traction on this topic? I honestly believe that your device can save lives, and even saving one life makes a dialogue between our organizations worthwhile. If you could help me find someone inside Ubiquiti Networks that is also passionate about growing the product beyond its original scope, in a way that will benefit humanity at large, I would be extremely interested to connect and collaboration with your team.

    I just had a great conversation with Twilio's team (who is behind Uber and Lyft communications in their apps) and they referred me some development help to start our video integrations. I believe Frontrow, covered under our patent, can tie into our dispatch platform so that people can use the rear facing camera to speak with a dispatcher or first responder on the small frontrow oval screen as help is being routed to them. The potential here is massive, and I'm also in dialogue with a major telecom in the US to present our platform as a solution for first responders and their agencies, which will require network prioritization for the video traffic we send during emergency situations.

  • @jabinzhao I just met with one of the largest healthcare systems in Central Illinois and they are willing to sell a wearable to their senior citizen and hospital clients that integrates with our platform.

    I would like to propose selling Ubiquiti's frontrow device to the network of thousands of patients in this system.

    How can we get this business deal done??

    Our dialogue was connecting a network of nurses on demand, so you pay $50-100 / monthly and get access to a network of providers in case you fall at home and need some help but don't want to pay $2,000 for an ambulance. As I write this, I just texted my brother who got a new job in Connecticut, he moved to a new place where he doesn't know anyone, and his back just went out, so he's lying on the floor unable to move and he doesn't want to call 911 because the ambulance is too expensive (they charged him $2,000 last time in NYC) ... so he's just trying to deal with it before seeking help. This solution would be very helpful for him to get in contact with someone, assess the situation, and have him be brought pain medication that can reduce his pain while allowing him to move again.

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