Time to take videos/photos effortlessly

  • I love this little device. The most useful use case is to take videos/photos effortlessly. When you go on a trip or join an event, turn it on and forget it, after a day, the story-mode video will help you to save some very valuable memories for the future.

    It is also good to capture some lovely moment very fast. When I play with my kids, sometimes I see a lovely moment, but by the time I reach for my phone, it would take 6-7 seconds to open the app, plus they will notice I now have a phone camera pointing to them, so it is already too late to get something valuable. With this one, I can start the video recording within 1 second without them noticing.

    Another benefit of using this device is to take long videos without taking my phone's storage or battery.

    Also, I have to mention that the FrontRow team did a really good job on the design, usability and packaging. Everything is beautiful and feels high quality. With 70 people, they did what Apple couldn't have done. Now I hope they can be more aggressive on the launch, making everyone aware of this product and make it available in more retail stores, give a good demo on how to use the product and when to use it. It took several years of hard work to create it, so I hate to see some copycats potentially taking over the fruits.

    At last, I want to thank the FrontRow team to bring such a good device to us. This is something I have been looking for after waiting for a long time. That is why I am so excited when I finally see it coming out. Please keep it up, please keep releasing more features/apps/accessories and other similar good products in the future, even if it might take a while for people to realize how amazing your creation is.


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    Thanks, we will do our best to make it great!

  • I think many people didn't fully realize the value of FrontRow because they didn't fully realize the value of keeping a good memory of the past. In some sense, memory is like vintage wine, its value goes up a lot over time.

  • One thing I was always wondering is why I like this device so much, but many others (including my family members) are not very excited about it. My guess is it takes some time for people to realize the value of a new invention.

    When iPad just came out, many people were disappointed or unimpressed because it is just a bigger iPhone. Practically there is no innovation there other than being bigger. I had to really think through some use cases to get me some excuses to buy one. However, now with so many people using tablets, no one has any doubt about its value.

    When sound movie just came out in 1920's, many industry experts were predicting its ultimate demise within a couple of years.

    Later, when self-driving cars come out, I believe most people will think it is too risky to let computers take control, until they find out it is too risky to NOT let computers to take control.

    Frankly I didn't buy an iPhone (or any smart phone) until 2010. I never realized how much I would love it until I started to use it.

    I think for a new invention, its value may not be totally obvious, until people gradually discover how to use it.

  • I noticed Google also came out with a wearable camera. Maybe this will increase people's awareness of wearable camera?

    If Google could license FrontRow's design, the brand + good design might really take off.

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