Lanyard or Necklace?

  • With Lanyard, the position is a bit low, especially in a crowded events, it might be blocked by the people in front of me. I found a trick which is to adjust lanyard shorter AFTER I put it on since this lanyard is very easy to adjust. However, I am not sure this is obvious for everyone.

    With a necklace, you would put it on with a Clasp, so you wouldn't need to adjust its length. I know 3rd party necklace is supported already, but U-Labs could come up a better necklace specifically designed for this device? With a much easier to use Clasp? Or a lanyard with a clasp?

  • We put a lot of thought into such a simple mechanism as the lanyard adjustment...I agree with you about having shorter minimum length, but is seems like a lot of the younger users like a longer length so we did best we could an took a middle ground

    One thing you can do to get to minimum length is to tighten one adjuster at time once on your neck.

    The lanyard aduster clasps need to be a bit tighter as well..we are going to look into it further

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