Automatically remove the shaking parts of the video

  • While moving (walking), video looks pretty bad and almost no stabilization could be felt in this case. I guess if this can be improved, through better hardware/software or better mount, it is great. If not, can we get a feature to automatically remove the bad parts of the selected videos in the gallery?

    The reason for this feature is that now with passive/effortlessly video recording, people are likely to leave the camera on for some time. They might want to only shoot the episodes when they stand still, but they may not want to start/stop the videos all the time or take time to edit them later. So having an option to automatically remove the bad parts in a one-click editing process can save them a lot of editing work and yet keep the final experience nice. Right now, the shaking parts of the videos are like the bad apples, they need to be picked up automatically.

    I don't know how hard it is to detect these shaking parts, if it is hard, some marks might need to inserted to the intermediate video file before that video file is processed to produce the final .mp4 file? (When shooting the video, the device has more information to know if it is likely to be a bad shaking part?)

  • To be clear, I meant this to be an video editing option to help them on the editing process (to simply the manual editing work).

    FrontRow is not meant for professional video recording, its main selling point is the convenience and effortless video recording. So anything that can save them from tedious process will help to enhance that strength, and make the product more valuable.

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    Yes, that's important! we need to keep trying .

  • We include 2 attachments options in FR: Lanyard and Clip.

    Our stabilization works well for slow change movements in some action sports (I posted a video jet skiing for example...I was wearing the lanyard)

    The story mode is also works great with the lanyard as this mode is largely immune to quick movements.

    For walking and recording or streaming full video, the clip does an ok job.

  • @robert-pera I can understand it is very challenging. You have invented something completely new. Just that I found some videos already posted on youtube had some bad parts that are actually painful to watch. I guess people may eventually get used to it or find out the right circumstances to use it.

  • I don't know if a headwear will help or not. Remove the LCD screen (use phone and physical buttons to operate it). Only camera needs to be put in front or center. The rest (storage, battery, wifi chips...) can be spread out in the headwear.

  • @dajian888 we will look into adding high video motion detection markers into the metadata for assisting with post-processing editing removal.

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