Can we have 24fps with an update in the future?

  • Will you introduce alternative frame rates with a firmware update? It would be nice to switch to 24fps to match video from other devices.

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    @zachiatrist what media type you refer to, Story or Video ?

    Why you need 24fps ?

  • I'm referring to video, but presumably both since the device exports the Story as a video file.

    24fps (23.98) is standard when shooting anything cinematic. I shoot all short films in 24fps. So I would need any video pulled from this device shot in 24fps as well so it matches the timeline without any frame dropping.

    This device is great, but giving more attention to this and adding a 24fps option would make this thing awesome. Since it already shoots video at 30fps, giving it an update to shoot 24fps (23.98) should be a pretty easy thing to do I'd imagine.

  • Hi @zachiatrist
    Camera will currently drop to 24 FPS in lower light.
    We can look into adding fixed FPS selector in future FW 24/30

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